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Company profile

Our customers’ wishes are the benchmark for our actions.

Since the formation of our company in 1954 we have stayed true to this basic principle. Since then we have extended the fixed product range to more than 200 specialties. Uncompromised remains the consequent orientation towards our customers – in more than 20 countries worldwide.



Our products and concepts: Exclusive, trendy, pathbreaking

Our fixed product range covers more than 200 specialties with exclusive and trendy ideas for Flying Buffet, Finger Food, cold Hors d’oeuvres, Dressings and Sauces, Consommés and Soups, components for Entrées, Main Courses and Desserts. In addition to this are seasonal highlights as well as countless specialties produced individually according to the ideas and recipes of our customers. We provide attractive solutions for food products and their presentation.



Young professional junior chefs are the future of our industry

A close relation to professional chefs associations and a tightly focussed engagement for the promotion of young chefs are obligation and delight at the same time for us. Since 1975 the Achenbach Delikatessen Manufaktur is financing the Rudolf Achenbach Award, organized in cooperation with the German Chefs Association VKD. Since 1975 altogether far more than 36.000 young chefs have been competing for this award and its attractive prices. For many of the participants this youth contest has been the starting shot for a great professional career.