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Customized Single-Serving Dressings and Sauces

  Single-serving dressings and sauces have been an integral part of our product range for more than 30 years. Innovation is one of the keys to our success in this field.  
  Our brand-new, high-tech filling and packaging station for different serving sizes offers:  
  Greater flexibility thanks to varying serving sizes from 10 to 40 ml in
• one-milliliter increments
  • A printing station for the product name, list of ingredients, date of
• production, and expiration date
  A customized label with the client logo, available from a minimum
• contracted volume of 1.5 million servings
   Option of individual dressings produced exclusively according to the
• client’s recipes with an Achenbach lid foil from a minimum order of
• 25,000 servings


  Well-proven Top Quality Dressings  
  22 ml portions with twist-off-lid   200 ml cups  
  Several types of dressings and sauces are generally in stock or can be produced at short notice within a few working days, depending upon the total quantity required.  
  For your specific needs, please contact us: